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Paris Packing List: What to Pack for Paris in Summer

Traveling to the city of love soon and wondering what to pack for Paris in summer? You’re in the right place as I will show you everything you need to add to your Paris packing list.

Summer is one of the best seasons to visit Paris! The sun is out, the days are long, the entire vibe is chill and the famous Parisian landmarks are more than ready to receive visitors.

The thought of finally climbing the Eiffel Tower and get impressive views of Paris already excites you as just walking down the Seine!

But with all that excitement, it’s possible to forget to pack all the Paris essentials. And that’s where this post comes in – to show you exactly what to pack for Paris summer for a fun-filled trip.

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What to Pack for Paris in Summer

Packing list for Paris summer: Essential Gear

what to pack for Paris in Summer


A camera is one of the Paris essentials you shouldn’t leave behind! With all the beauty and famous landmarks in the city, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice not to capture them.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a good camera, you can stick to your phone since most phones these days have good cameras.

Most travelers to Paris love the Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera but you can also draw inspiration from these best travel cameras to decide on what you want to take.

Extra memory cards and batteries

You’ll end up taking thousands of pictures in Paris since almost everything is beautiful and that’s why you should add extra memory cards and batteries to your Paris packing list for summer.

I like this Samsung memory card but other travelers to Paris swear by this Sandisk memory card.

Portable Powerbank

If you’re like me who’s always on the phone, then make sure that you take a power bank. I like this Anker Power bank as it is portable, lightweight, and charges all types of phones pretty fast.

A European travel adapter

If you’re traveling from outside Europe, then chances are high that you use a different kind of adapter compared to those in Europe. So get yourself this European travel adapter before your trip.

But if you’re a frequent traveler, you might want to buy a universal travel adapter instead as you won’t have to buy a different adapter for each country you visit. This is the universal travel adapter I use everywhere I travel to.

Kindle E-Reader

When you’re done with sightseeing in Paris, you might want to relax a bit in your hotel room and this Kindle E-reader on Amazon will give you access to thousands of books instead of taking heavy bulky hard copy books.

Noise cancelation Earphone

Yes, you’ll have those days when you just want to disconnect from the noise of the city and listen to something on your phone.

These noise cancelation Earphones will come in handy. And if your budget allows, you can opt for these Wireless Bluetooth earbuds instead as they’re much better but also a bit expensive.

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Packing for Paris Summer: Packing essentials

paris packing list

A good quality backpack or suitcase

As you plan to travel to Paris, you’ll need where to put all your travel essentials. And depending on how you travel, you can take either a backpack or a suitcase.

If you’re a backpacker like me, then this Osprey Backpack is the best option and if you prefer a suitcase, this one is the most rated suitcase on Amazon.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will help you organize your Paris items well while at the same time helping you pack light. This 4 set piece is my favorite packing cube set but if you want more, then you can check out this 6 pieces packing cube set or the 7 pieces set one.


You need to add a daypack to your Paris packing list as it’s one you’ll use every day while visiting various landmarks in the city.

Choose a daypack that is lightweight, well sized to carry all the day’s essentials but at the same time not too big.

If you’re all about quality daypacks, then I recommend taking this one but if you prefer the budget-friendly one, then this one is not a bad choice.

Pro tip* While roaming around Paris especially in crowded places, make sure that you wear your backpack from the front instead of the back as it’s easy to be pickpocketed.

Travel Neck Pouch

One of the Paris mistakes people make is to let their guard down and assume that there is no theft or pickpockets in Paris which is not true.

This is usually common in popular attractions that receive a lot of crowds and sometimes in the metro and that’s why you need to take this travel neck pouch to safe-keep your travel items including your phone, credit cards, passport, etc.

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What to pack for Paris: Safety items

packing list for Paris

First Aid kit

As a traveler, I never go anywhere without a first aid kit and Paris is no exception. This First Aid kit has all the items you might need as your first medical assistance.

Money belt

If being pickpocketed makes you cringe even a little, then take a money belt to keep your money safe.

A money belt like this one will help you keep your money hidden well. But if you want to keep your money safe while still staying stylish, then you can opt for this stylish waist travel money belt.

Travel Insurance

There is no way you can travel to Paris or anywhere without travel insurance! So as you prepare your trip to Paris, make sure that you buy travel insurance. I love World Nomads and Safety wings as I have a guaranteed backup plan should something go wrong.


One of the Paris essentials you should pack is a Pacsafe. It guarantees the safety of your items especially if you’re sleeping in a shared hostel or even a hotel.

It’s not to say that the hostels and hotels in Paris are unsafe but it’s better to be safe than sorry. <<You can shop my favorite Pacsafe from here>>.

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Paris packing list: The Essentials

packing list for Paris

Collapsible water bottle

It gets really hot in Paris summer and the only way you can cope is by staying hydrated all the time. And since Paris has a number of Wallace Fountains (public taps where you can get drinking water), you don’t need to keep buying bottled water.

Just pack this collapsible travel water bottle that you can refill every time it runs dry.

Micro-fiber travel travel

A microfibre travel towel like this one will be very useful if you stay at hostels that don’t offer towels.

Also if you plan to hit the “Paris beaches” (some parts of the seine banks are turned into a beach by putting sand there), then make sure you don’t leave it behind.

A headlamp

You never know when a headlamp will come in handy so as a rule of thumb, I always carry a headlamp like this one.

Travel Umbrella

It might be summertime in Paris but don’t be surprised when it starts raining out of the blue. This is more common during the Paris spring but even in summer, you can expect some showers.

So for that reason, take a sturdy and windproof travel umbrella like this one.


If you booked a hotel near the road or worse a railway, then just be sure that it will get noisy and the best way to get even an ounce of sleep is by adding these kinds of earplugs to your Paris packing list.

Picnic/ Outdoor blanket

You cannot go to the French capital in summer and not go for a Parisian picnic. It’s one of the best things to do in Paris in summer and to make sure that you have a great picnic, pack a picnic blanket like this one. Actually, you can even use it on a Paris beach day out.

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What to pack for Paris in summer: Self-care items and Toiletries

packing for Paris summer


It will be a huge mistake to leave sunscreen behind. But don’t just take any sunscreen, make sure that the one you take has an SPF of 50+ for maximum protection. If you don’t have one already then you can buy this one on Amazon.

Chapstick Lip moisturizer

Summer in Paris might be fun but it also causes dry lips or at least for me. So to make sure that your lips stay hydrated and moist, buy yourself this chapstick before you go.


Can you even travel anywhere anymore without a sanitizer? Certainly not! So get yourself this highly effective hand sanitizer that kills 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Wet wipes

With all the heat that comes with summer, it’s hard not to sweat or even just heat up and the best way to try to keep fresh is by using wet wipes. <<Buy my favorite pack of wet wipes from here>>.

Tissue pack

I never travel anywhere without a pack of tissue. It comes in handy whether it is for sneezing or cleaning somewhere to sit. I know most people usually ignore it but now that you know better, don’t leave it behind.

TSA Approved Toilet bag

To keep all your self-care items and toiletries organized in one place, take a TSA Approved toilet bag. You can either take this transparent toilet bag or this travel hanging toilet bag if you prefer.

Other toiletries to pack for Paris in summer include:

  • Body cream
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairbrush
  • Makeup
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Toilet paper
  • Perfume
  • Razors etc

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Packing list for Paris in Summer: Travel accessories

what to pack for Paris in summer


These are a must-have when in Paris during summer to protect your eyes from direct rays. You can pack yourself a normal pair or these polarized ones.

Sun hat

Block the sun while staying stylish on the streets of Paris. This is my favorite sunhat to pack for Paris in summer but other travelers like this one instead.

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What to wear in Paris in Summer

what to pack for Paris in summer

Summer clothes should be fun, light, and full of color. So whichever clothes you pack for Paris in summer, they should at least meet those criteria while still being comfortable.


You’ll need one as you dive into the pool or as you sunbathe at the banks of Seine. If you like one-piece swimsuits, then you’ll definitely love this one and this one. But if 2 piece swimsuits appeal to you more, then I am sure either this one or this one will work for you.

Beach cover-up

I call it a beach cover-up but since there is no actual beach in Paris, you can still cover up while at the swimming pool or after sunbathing. This Sarong is my favorite but this cover-up is quite pretty too.


A scarf is a multi-use item you should add to your Paris packing list for summer. You can use it as a fashion accessory, as something to warm you while visiting indoor places since most of them are air-conditioned which makes them a bit chilly for some people.

You can opt for the designer one like this or this large one for those chilly days.

Waterproof Rain jacket

Rain in summer in Paris might be rare but it will still happen and since you wouldn’t want to waste a sightseeing day hiding away from the rain, you should consider taking this waterproof rain jacket.

It is lightweight, packs really well so you don’t have to worry about taking too much space.

Warm fleece

If you plan on visiting Paris at night (which you should actually as Paris becomes magical at night), then you might want to carry a warm fleece because it gets chilly at night. <<You can shop my favorite fleece from here if you don’t have one already>>.

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Summer dresses

When it comes to packing clothes for Paris summer, think floral, round, fun, bright, and cute at the same time. Some of the dresses I like to pack for summer include this off-shoulder dress, this pretty floral dress, or even this round playful wrap dress.

I also like to throw in like 2 pairs of playsuits/rompers. This one and this one are my favorite. And to finish off your summer look, don’t forget to carry a cocktail dress. Whether it is to attend a party or go on a dinner date, a cocktail dress like this one will be flattering.

Summer tops

When it comes to summer tops, I also like to pack such an off-shoulder top, floral tops like this one never miss in my luggage, and at least 2 crop tops – this one and this one.


A nice pair of jeans or 2 will do wonders for you when traveling to Paris in summer. I like these signature Levi jeans. You can also pack a nice pair of cute summer shorts like this one.

Pro tip* You may be tempted to carry leggings which is totally ok in other places but they seem not to work well in Paris especially if you want to blend in – so you might want to leave them behind on top of the sweat pants.


When it comes to what shoes to wear in Paris summer, make sure that you take comfortable ones and not heels since Paris is best discovered on foot.

You can either opt for comfortable sneakers like these ones, a pair of ankle boots (they always look fashionable), and don’t forget to pack a pair of sandals for either the hotel/swimming pool or the Paris beach.

Pro tip* Parisians do not wear flip-flops on the streets so you might want to leave them at your hotel, beach, or at the swimming pool area unless you want to scream tourist.

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In conclusion

Packing for Paris is extremely exciting and I hope that this Paris packing list helped you to know what you’ll need in the city of love.

Try to buy these Paris essentials before you go because summer is the high season in Paris and everything tends to be very expensive. This means that if you forget to pack some items, you’ll end up spending more money than what you would have spent if you bought everything before your trip.

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