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Spring in Paris: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Paris in Spring

Paris is no doubt an all-year-round destination but Spring in Paris is something else! 

When spring finally comes after the long winter months, Paris is reborn into a new world that is covered in a coat of blooming flowers!
Dead trees start coming back to life, the crowds start reappearing on the various Parisian streets, and the Paris magic returns as we know it! 

And the wintry grey skies start to disappear, the atmosphere is filled with beautiful scents from the blooming flowers! 
However, it’s not just chasing blooming cherries in Paris in spring, the city opens up to a number of festivities as people celebrate the beginning of a new season!

So if you’re ready to see Paris during one of its most beautiful moments, then this Paris in spring guide will give you all the details you need to plan your trip! But before that, lets’ look at the spring months and the weather in Paris in spring!

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Spring Months in Paris

weather in spring in paris

Springtime in Paris officially begins on 21st March and ends on 21st June but when you get to see flowers blooming depends on how brutal the winter was or how warm the spring season begins, then you know it’s spring time.

However, sometimes the flowers start to bloom as soon as March clocks in especially in places like the Luxembourg garden. It might not be the perfect time to start looking out for them but it’s a good escape if you’re already dreading the winter blues.

So if you dream of being in Paris in springtime,  you should plan to visit in the months of, March, April, and May with mid-march to the end of April presenting the best chances of seeing the trees and flowers in full bloom.

Paris weather in spring

The weather during spring in Paris is what you can call dynamic and “everything in between”. In Paris spring, you can expect to see some sun, it’s most likely to stay chilly up to the end of April but you can also expect a few days of rain throughout the season.

So technically, you’ll have to be ready for all kinds of weather! However, don’t expect it to be as cold as winter nor as hot as summer!

Temperatures in Paris in the spring can range from 5 degrees to 20 degrees. But to give you an actual idea of the average temperatures of all the months, below is a little table to showcase the average lows and highs.

MonthHighsLowsApprox. Rainy Days
March13°C / 54 °F5°C /41 °F9
April17°C /61 °F8°C /45 °F8
May20°C /68 °F11°C/52 °F9

What to do in Paris in Spring

See the cherry blossom

things to do in paris in spring

There is nothing as beautiful as looking at the different blooming pinky colors of the various trees. During springtime in Paris, the city transforms into an “insta city” by providing beautiful photo backdrops that will make your entire insta community jealousy!

Whether it is on the trees that are dotted around the streets of Paris or the beautiful parks, seeing the cherry blossom is one of the best things to do in Paris in spring.

Some of the places that will treat you to amazing views of Paris include the areas of the Eiffel Tower, around the Notre Dame Cathedral, Montmartre, the Luxembourg Gardens, and of course at the Trocadero Gardens where a mishmash of beautiful colored flowers will feast your eyes and mostly your camera.

You can check out my detailed list of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Paris – from know places to hidden gems.

Pro tip* If you want to beat the crowds since everyone comes out to see the blossoms, you’re better off either visiting early in the morning or even late in the evening and you might just get yourself a beautiful spring photo without ten thousand people in it. Also, weekdays will be less crowded than weekends.

Attend the Various Festivals in Paris in spring

paris in springtime

Have you ever heard of the phrase, a Parisian’s mood depends on the weather (probably not because I’ve just made that up) but it’s totally true.

In springtime in Paris, everyone’s spirit is high and they’re in the mood for celebration and the number of festivals during this period don’t disappoint.

If you visit during a time when the world is not being devoured by an apocalypse, you’ll have a number of festivals to attend.

Whether it is taking part in the Easter celebrations by listens to incredible Easter music at some of the popular churches in Paris or going wine tasting on the various wine tasting festivals, you’ll be spoilt by choice.

Other festivals to look out for while visiting Paris in spring include;  Roland Garros, International Art Show, Festival de Saint-Denis which is perfect for people who enjoy classic music, or Paris Jazz Festival for those who hunger for jazz music. Food lovers might want to look out for the Best Baguette in Paris Contest to find out who makes the best Baguettes in the region.

And if museums are your thing, (honestly, Paris’ museums will make you fall in love with museums even if you weren’t a fan before), then make sure not to miss the Night of Museums – a day where most museums in Paris open their doors to visitors in the night and for free. This is actually one of the best things to do in Paris at night in springtime. These are just a few but honestly, you can never run short of concerts to attend in Paris in spring.

Walk around the city

Spring in Paris is honestly the best time of the year to walk around “aimlessly” with no real agenda except enjoying the beauty of the city.

The temperatures are not too low nor too high to suffer the coldness or the heatwave but it’s just right. And like they say, Paris is best discovered on foot and springtime is the ideal time.

You can walk along the areas of the Seine, the Notre Dame Cathedral area, the Champs Elys Avenue, or even hed to Montmartre – this is the perfect way of learning more about the city while taking in the beauty of the blooming trees.

However, don’t forget to download a maps app to know where to take the train/bus from if you’re ready to head back home.

You can also check out my detailed post about the best things to do in spring in Paris.

What to wear in Spring in Paris

what to wear in paris in spring (1)

Like I mentioned earlier, Paris in springtime can be both warm and chilly, so as you pack clothes, make sure that you carry warm ones too. And below is what to wear in Paris spring.

A warm waterproof jacket:

It might be spring but it will still be cold, so as you pack for Paris in spring, make sure that you pack a really warm coat like this one.

It’s perfect for those spring rainy days and it will keep you warm especially if you’re visiting at the beginning of the season when temperatures are still low.

Fleece/Leather Jacket/Bomber

You might think that carrying a thick jacket is enough but no. Spring temperatures keep changing day by day. Some days it can be super cold but other days just chilly.

So to avoid heating up and being bothered by the huge coat, you might want to pack yourself either this really warm fleece, a leather jacket, or even this cute bomber jacket. One of them is perfect for those days when the temperatures are not too low but you still need something to warm you up.

You can shop my favorite Bomber jacket from here or this really cute leather jacket. I promise you’ll look cool while enjoying springtime in Paris.

Warm scarf

Whether you’re traveling to Paris in Spring or in winter, a cozy scarf is a must. But since spring temperatures in Paris are not that cold, a lightweight scarf like this one will do just fine.

It will not only make you warm but also accentuate your entire spring look. Nothing beats looking cool with a backdrop of Paris spring flowers.

Walking comfortable shoes

Paris in springtime is all about walking and enjoying the beauty of the bloom season- so as you make your Paris packing list, make sure that you add comfortable walking shoes.

Any kind of shoes are ok as long as they are comfortable to walk in on the cobblestone streets of Paris – these can either be the classy boots – you can never go wrong with these or a pair of sneakers, these are perfect for long walks. But whatever you take, they should be comfortable to walk in.

A pair of Jeans

You can never be disappointed by a good pair of Jeans. I like my jeans skinny so this pair is always my first choice.

You can also check out my complete list of what to wear in Paris in Spring and look like a Parisian.

In Conclusion

Spring in Paris is a beautiful season to visit the city of love. The weather is just right, not too brutal in either direction, the crowds are not too big which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The Season also presents a number of activities to do ranging from indoor to outdoor so there is no excuse to stay tucked in your hotel room bed.

So what are you waiting for, pack up your bags and head to the city of love and see the beautiful flowers dotted around the various streets and parks and maybe take those perfect shots that you’ve been drooling over every springtime in Paris.

Have you been to Paris in Springtime? Did you enjoy it? Which places gave you more satisfaction when it came to cherry blossoms, let me know in the comment section.

And if it’s your first time to visit Paris in Spring, you’re in for a real treat and I hope that this post was helpful.

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